Zoom Web Conferencing
Getting Started for Hosts and Meeting Participants

Before You Start visit the Host and Participant Help Center 

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that is a reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. It works best when you are using the Zoom Desktop Client on a Mac or Windows  , a headset or headphones, a good internet connection, and after you have explored the  Zoom Connect Test Meeting. 

Preparing For a Meeting

Prepare Your Computer

Download Zoom Software and Run a Connection Test

Download and install the  Free Zoom Client Software for Mac or Windows.   Open the  Zoom Connection Test Meeting   to ensure your browser/software is working, your Internet speed is sutiable, microphone and web cam are functioning, as well as familiarizing yourself with the meeting layout.

Internet Connection

For best meeting results try to use a wired internet connection instead of wireless. If you must use wireless then place your computer as close as possible to your internet router. If you are using public hot-spots at a restaurant or cafe then there will not be enough bandwidth available and it will cause issues during your meeting.


If joining the meeting via a browser, download the Zoom Launcher plug-in.   All browsers work with Zoom, but the desktop client is ideal. If you are unsure what browser you have and whether it is updated then the "What's My Browser" website   can tell you what you have.

Prepare your Audio Device

Important: Verify that your headset, headphones, or microphone, as well as your web cam are plugged in before you open the meeting and before you open your browser.

 Windows Computers

  Apple Computers

Access the Meeting Room

Your instructor will send you the unique web URL address that will give you access to their Zoom class meeting session. This link might be posted in your online BrightSpace D2L course or it might have been sent to you in an email. If you don't know the address then please contact your instructor. At Pellissippi you will always join a Zoom session as a guest. Please type in your first and last name so your instructor knows who you are.

Note: You may want to join your first Zoom meeting a little early to verify your settings.

Participating in a Meeting

Raising your Hand

Once you have joined the meeting you will have the ability to raise your hand    among other options, as well as chat    with your instructor or class.

Activate the Microphone

If your instructor has enabled your microphone then you will see the microphone icon    at the bottom of the meeting without a slash through it. The    arrow next the microphone will allow you to adjust microphone volume, select microphone and speaker, and test your microphone and speaker. If your audio isn't working select "Switch to Phone Audio".

When the Microphone is green then your microphone is connected. If it is green and has a slash   through it then it is connected but it is muted.

Activate The Web Cam

If your web cam is not on, there will be a slash through the video icon.    Select Start Video from the bottom menu bar to activate your web cam.

The    arrow next the   video icon will allow you to select an enabled camera and adjust video settings.